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Generac QuietSource QT04854 48 State-48kW-Three Ph-NG/LP

…Operates at 1800 RPM - Easy Fuel-Source Changeovers

This standby generator is best suited for: 1)commercial warehouse or non-food retailer with dimensions 3200 - 3500 square feet (probably a stand-alone business that doesn't deal in refrigerated merchandise; and which uses 3-phase voltage); it can also be used to back up: 2)extra-large homes (we recommend this generator for residential applications 9300 to 12000 square feet in size; correct 3-phase input needed).

48-kilowatt QuietSource (3-phase) available in voltage configurations: 120/208, 120/240, 277/480. Urban-friendly 1800 RPM operation. No-rust aluminum shell. Can be easily converted from standard natural-gas to propane operation (no technician required). Power courtesy of 4.2-liter V6 motor with liquid cooling and electronic governor. Control is Nexus, compatible with Generac's 3-phase RTS-series auto switches (see Switch Options tab. Product is 48-state certified, not available to California or Massachusetts residents

  • Important: Please see the shipping tab for information regarding the liftgate shipping option and residential versus commercial deliveries.

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    Model:  QT04854GJKX
    Price:  $14,415.00
    Available Options:
    3-Phase Voltage:

    Model Specs

    Manufacturer: Generac QuietSource
    Model #: QT04842GJKX
    Color: Grey
    Enclosure: Aluminum
    Engine Make: Generac
    Transfer Switch Included?: No
    Price (All Voltages): $14,415.00

    Generators Standby Output
    Rated Power (Natural Gas): 46 kW
    Rated Power (Liquid Propane): 48 kW
    Phase: 3
    Frequency: 60 Hz
    Voltage: 120/208
    Voltage: 120/240
    Voltage: 277/480
    Rated Amps (208-Volt): 160(NG)/166(LP)
    Rated Amps (240-Volt): 138(NG)/144(LP)
    Rated Amps (480-Volt): 69(NG)/72(LP)
    Rotor Poles: NA
    Mainline Circuit Breaker (208-Volt): 175
    Mainline Circuit Breaker (240-Volt): 150 Amps
    Mainline Circuit Breaker (480-Volt): 80 Amps

    Generators Standby Motor/Performance
    Engine Type: V 6-Cylinder
    Intake Method: Carburetor
    Cylinder Block: NA
    HP/L: NA/4.2
    Number of Cylinders: 6
    Compression Ratio: 9.3:1
    Lubrication Method: Pressurized
    Valve Arrangement: Overhead
    Engine Cooling: Liquid
    Engine rpm: 1800
    Fan Type: Belt Driven
    Governor System: Electronic
    Ignition System: Electronic
    Starter Voltage (DC): 12
    Battery Required (Volts/Cold-Cranking Amps): 12/525 (Included)
    Startup Delay (After Power Interruption): Programmable
    Engine Warm-Up Duration: 5 Seconds
    Engine Cool-Down Period: 1 Minute
    Fuel Type: Natural Gas(NG)/Liquid Propane(LP)
    Fuel Consumption (NG @ Exercise): 70 Cubic Feet/Hour
    Fuel Consumption (NG @ 25% Load): 205 Cubic Feet/Hour
    Fuel Consumption (NG @ 50% Load): 370 Cubic Feet/Hour
    Fuel Consumption (NG @ 75% Load): 516 Cubic Feet/Hour
    Fuel Consumption (NG @ Full Load): 655 Cubic Feet/Hour
    Fuel Consumption (LP @ Exercise): 0.8 Gallons/Hour
    Fuel Consumption (LP @ 25% Load): 2.23 Gallons/Hour
    Fuel Consumption (LP @ 50% Load): 4.03 Gallons/Hour
    Fuel Consumption (LP @ 75% Load): 5.6 Gallons/Hour
    Fuel Consumption (LP @ Full Load): 7.2 Gallons/Hour

    Generators Standby Convenience Features
    Automatic Voltage Regulation: Yes
    Low-Voltage Shutdown: Yes
    High-Voltage Shutdown: Yes
    Low-Oil Shutdown: Yes
    Overspeed Shutdown: Yes
    High-Temperature Shutdown: Yes
    Starter-Overcrank Protection: Yes
    Low-Battery Protection: Yes
    Built-In Battery Charging Capability: Yes
    UL Listed: Yes
    External-Fault Capability: Yes
    Internal-Fault Protection: Yes
    Incorrect-Wiring Protection: Yes
    Mainline Circuit-Breaker Protection: Yes
    Safety Fusing: Yes

    Generators Standby Measurables
    Weight: 1455 lbs
    Dimensions (Inches): 76.75L x 32.38W x 45.13H
    Decibels (@ Exercise - 7 Meters): 60
    Decibels (@ Full Load - 7 Meters): 65
    Compliance: 48-State US

    Generators Standby Additional Features
    Powerplant is naturally-aspirated 4.2-liter Generac V6
    Over/under voltage protection
    Failure-to-transfer protection built-in
    Neighborhood-soothing critical (also known as residential) grade muffler package limits noise
    Factory prepped to run on natural gas; can be easily converted in field to burn liquid propane
    Requires Generac transfer switch for safe connection to home/building circuits
    Nexus tri-lingual controller standard


  • 2-year manufacturer's limited warranty

  • Shipping

    The T-REX Free Shipping Pledge:
    The manufacturers we work with are large concerns that ship multiple items each day. This enables them to attain the best shipping rates available. T-REX passes these savings on to our customers by providing free shipping to any commercial or residential address in the continental United States. This is the T-REX pledge. We will adhere to it even when a freight carrier adds one-time or unanticipated shipping fees. Try obtaining these terms from another Internet-based generator seller. You will not find a more customer-friendly policy than ours.

    About Lift Gates:
    Typical delivery trucks are designed to be unloaded at docks, or by forklifts. In other words, they are designed to deliver to commercial locations where such options are available. By contrast, a lift gate-equipped truck lowers heavy items from the truck trailer (which can be several feet high) to the ground, using a hydraulic mechanism similar to an elevator. If your delivery will go to an address not equipped with a loading dock, and you don't have access to a forklift, then selecting the lift-gate delivery option is a convenient alternative.

    A generator from T-REX can weigh hundreds of pounds. Without access to a loading dock or forklift, unloading one safely may require several able-bodied individuals. Delivery drivers are NOT required by their companies to help customers unload. Unless you are certain that a sufficient number of helpers will be available during the delivery, we urge you to specify the lift-gate shipping option before checking out. Charge for the lift-gate is $75.00, and is NOT included in the Free-Shipping Pledge offered by T-REX. We feel, however, that it is worth the investment.

    Residential Delivery:
    You need to inform us if your delivery will be going to a residential address. Freight companies need to know this because many residential areas can't be serviced by large semi trucks. The generator will instead be loaded onto a smaller truck tailored to home deliveries. A home which serves as a place of business (regardless of the presence of company name/signage), if located in a residential area, is still considered a residential address for shipping purposes. Please select the residential delivery option if applicable. T-REX agrees to pay all additional residential delivery costs, but to do so, we must be properly informed before shipping arrangements are made.

    To select your choice of residential or commercial delivery, please see the purchase options in the Add To Cart area.

    Switch Options

    Generac RTS-Series Medium-Watt Auto Transfer Switch - Three Phase:
    100-Amp Model (Available 208/240/480 Voltages) - Outdoor
    200-Amp Model (Available 208/240/480 Voltages) - Outdoor
    400-Amp Model (Available 208/240/480 Voltages) - Outdoor

    Generac RTS-Series High-Watt Auto Transfer Switch - Three Phase:
    600-Amp Model (Available 208/240/480 Voltages) - Outdoor
    800-Amp Model (Available 208/240/480 Voltages) - Outdoor


    Currently viewing:  Generac QuietSource QT04854 48 State-48kW-Three Ph-NG/LP
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