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Generator 1 & 3-Phase (Winco RP80): 65kW With Switch Volts

…Iveco Turbodiesel; Generator 1 & 3-Phase Voltages

This is an ideal generator for: 1)construction and job-site support; 2)part of rental fleet; 3)other remote-power applications.

Generator 1 & 3-phase requirements can be satisfied with this switchable-voltage machine from Winco. The Winco RP80 produces 65 kilowatts, and 65kva in its 1-phase, and up to 80kva in its 3-phase voltage configurations. Generator 1 & 3-phase machine has turbocharged Iveco diesel powerplant - 4.5 liters in size, with 1800 rpm operation. Also digital Basler control module, pre-wired for remote-start and remote emergency stop capabilities ("Stop" button is optional). This generator 1 & 3-phase model comes with its own trailer - outfitted with running lights and license-plate illumination - a pair of removable hitches (3-inch pintle and 2 5/16-inch ball), and locking fuel and storage compartments for peace of mind. Expect 24 hours or more of operation at full load from generator 1 & 3-phase unit's generous 110 gallon fuel capacity (up to 46 hours of operation possible at half load). Easy connection inlets for block heater and battery charger. Engine overcrank and overspeed alerts; also low-fuel level shutdown. Brushless alternator has +/-1.5% volts regulation. This generator 1 & 3-phase
unit is CARB approved, available to California residents.

  • Important: Please see the shipping tab for information regarding the liftgate shipping option and residential versus commercial deliveries.

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    Model:  RP80-1
    Price:  $35,232.50

    Model Specs

    Manufacturer: Winco
    Model #: RP80
    Enclosure: Steel
    Engine Make: Iveco
    Controller Make: Basler
    Price: $35,232.50

    Alternator Type: Brushless
    Rated Power (kW): 65
    Phase: 1/3
    Frequency: 60 Hz
    Voltage (1-Phase): 120/240
    Voltage (3-Phase): 120/208
    Voltage (3-Phase): 120/240
    Voltage (3-Phase): 277/480
    Rated Amps (1-Phase): 225
    Rated Amps (3-Phase 208V): 225
    Rated Amps (3-Phase 240V): 195
    Rated Amps (3-Phase 480V): 98
    Motor-Starting Capacity: 25 HP
    Mainline Circuit-Breaker Protection? Yes
    Mainline Circuit Breaker Size: NA

    AC Outlets
    Four (NEMA): 5-20R, 20-Amp 120-Volt, GFCI
    Two (NEMA): L14-50R, 50-Amp 120/240-Volt
    One: Full-Power Outlet
    Circuit-Breaker Protection (Outlets): Yes
    GFCI Protection: Yes

    Engine Type: Inline 4-Cylinder (Turbocharged)
    Intake Method: Direct Injection
    HP/L: NA/4.5
    Number of Cylinders: 4
    Compression Ratio: NA
    Lubrication Method: Pressurized
    Valve Arrangement: Overhead (OHV)
    Engine Cooling: Liquid
    Engine rpm: 1800
    Governor System: Mechanical
    Ignition System: Electronic
    Starter Voltage (DC): 12
    Battery Required (Volts/Cold-Cranking Amps): 12/650
    Fuel Type: Diesel
    Fuel-Tank Capacity: 110 Gallons
    Run Time (1/2 Load): 46 Hours
    Run Time (Full Load): 24 Hours

    Controller Type: Digital
    Automatic Voltage Regulation: Built-In
    Event Log: Yes
    Auto Safety Shutdown: Yes
    Low-Voltage Protection: Yes
    High-Voltage Protection: Yes
    Low-Oil Protection: Yes
    Overspeed Protection: Yes
    High-Temperature Protection: Yes
    Starter-Overcrank Protection: Yes
    Low-Battery Protection: No
    Fuel-Leak Detection: Yes
    External-Fault Capability: Yes
    Remote-Start Capability: Yes
    Remote Safety Stop Capability: Yes

    Mobility Features
    Lifting Eye: Yes
    Trailer: Two-Wheel (Included)
    Trailer Capacity: 7000 lbs
    Brakes: Electric
    Suspension: Torsion Bar
    Running Lights: Yes
    License-Plate Illumination: Yes
    Hitch: 2 (Included)
    Hitch-Type: 3" Pintle; 2 5/16" Ball

    Weight: 4950 lbs
    Dimensions - With Trailer (Inches): 150L x 66W x 83H
    Decibels (@ 7 Meters/23 Feet): NA
    Compliance: 50-State US

    Additional Features
    Generous locking front storage compartment
    Low fuel-level shutdown plus fuel-leaks detection
    4-way switchable voltage
    Mainline circuit-breaker protection
    GFCI-protected single-phase outlets
    Locking fuel-access, maintenance, and storage-compartment doors
    Pre-wired for remote start and remote safety stop (button optional)


    NEMA 5-20RNEMA 5-20RNEMA L14-50RNEMA L14-50RFull Power Outlet


  • 1-year manufacturer limited warranty on generator
  • 2-year manufacturer limited warranty on engine

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    The T-REX Free Shipping Pledge:
    The manufacturers we work with are large concerns that ship multiple items each day. This enables them to attain the best shipping rates available. T-REX passes these savings on to our customers by providing free shipping to any commercial or residential address in the continental United States. This is the T-REX pledge. We will adhere to it even when a freight carrier adds one-time or unanticipated shipping fees. Try obtaining these terms from another Internet-based generator seller. You will not find a more customer-friendly policy than ours.

    About Lift Gates:
    Typical delivery trucks are designed to be unloaded at docks, or by forklifts. In other words, they are designed to deliver to commercial locations where such options are available. By contrast, a lift gate-equipped truck lowers heavy items from the truck trailer (which can be several feet high) to the ground, using a hydraulic mechanism similar to an elevator. If your delivery will go to an address not equipped with a loading dock, and you don't have access to a forklift, then selecting the lift-gate delivery option is a convenient alternative.

    A generator from T-REX can weigh hundreds of pounds. Without access to a loading dock or forklift, unloading one safely may require several able-bodied individuals. Delivery drivers are NOT required by their companies to help customers unload. Unless you are certain that a sufficient number of helpers will be available during the delivery, we urge you to specify the lift-gate shipping option before checking out. Charge for the lift-gate is $75.00, and is NOT included in the Free-Shipping Pledge offered by T-REX. We feel, however, that it is worth the investment.

    Residential Delivery:
    You need to inform us if your delivery will be going to a residential address. Freight companies need to know this because many residential areas can't be serviced by large semi trucks. The generator will instead be loaded onto a smaller truck tailored to home deliveries. A home which serves as a place of business (regardless of the presence of company name/signage), if located in a residential area, is still considered a residential address for shipping purposes. Please select the residential delivery option if applicable. T-REX agrees to pay all additional residential delivery costs, but to do so, we must be properly informed before shipping arrangements are made.

    To select your choice of residential or commercial delivery, please see the purchase options in the Add To Cart area.

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