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Generators are used for emergencies, recreation, or the job site. Here are some keywords associated with the term, "best portable generator":

Best Portable Generator

Portable Generator Reviews

Quiet Portable Generator Reviews

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Home Generator Ratings

Portable Generator Ratings

T-REX Generators is the SOURCE for AFFORDABLE gasoline-powered PRODUCTS.

Welcome to T-Rex Generators. We sell gas generators, portable gas generators, and gas generator sets. Come view our selection today. The staff at T-REX Generators is the most experienced around. We have maintained and sold gas generators with a proven record of durability from the finest names in power equipment - manufacturers like Winco, Pramac, Honeywell, and Generac. Be it portable gas generators or a gas generator set, we will match our selection and pricing against any you will find! Let us help you protect your home and family during the next blackout or emergency.

We BELIEVE in offering QUALITY at an ACCESSIBLE price.

Buying a gasoline-powered generator for your family's security in an emergency shouldn't be a nerve-wracking experience. We offer models with premium motors from Honda, Subaru, and Briggs & Stratton. Or you may be interested in a quiet gas generator from Kipor, Honeywell, or Generac. An inverter gas generator with modest dimensions can be taken and stored almost anyplace! If your needs are an affordable multi-use portable gas generators unit to run home appliances in an emergency (which can also be transported to a weekend campout), then consider a model from Gentron, Honeywell, or Generac. A portable gasoline generator from any one of these manufacturers will come to you with standard circuit-breaker protection, and long-run time fuel tank. You can obtain as much as 10 12 hours of operation at load from certain gasoline-powered models. And something else: we guarantee that their prices (and ours) won't break your bank!

The REASONS for OWNING a gasoline GENERATOR are not always OBVIOUS.

You probably know that there are good reasons for owning a gas generator. What you may not realize is just how affordable a quality gasoline-based generator set can be. Pramac's S7200 features 7,200 running watts and electric start. This portable gas generator is both CARB and EPA-approved, meeting pollution guidelines in all 50 states and at a price you will like. Compact dimensions and collapsible handles allow this unit to be easily stored in a garage or tool shed! A quiet gas generator is often an inverter model. An inverter gas powered generator is not only lightweight and transportable, the power it produces is safe for today's most sensitive tools and electronics. This portable gas generator style has another significant advantage to most standard models it is built especially for unobtrusive operation in locales where noise levels need to be limited (a campground for instance).

A good EMERGENCY generator does NOT need to be HUGE in either SIZE or OUTPUT.

A gas generator set certainly does not need to be massive in scope to be useful, or effective. It can be small and light enough to maneuver with about the same ease as a rotary mower. A portable gas generator can be kept in a corner of your garage or shed, taking up less space than a collection of snow shovels or garden tools! What would seem to be a small generator of 3000 or 3500 watts can operate for almost an entire day on four gallons or less of fuel - and that's without needing to refill the tank. In fact, most gasoline generators are built to operate for roughly a full day on a single tank of fuel at 50% load, eliminating the need for frequent and inconvenient interruptions in service as the machine operates. Backup is among the most friendly uses you will find for a small engine-based piece of equipment - in that, after setup, the necessary tinkering and oversight normally required of an operator are kept to a minimum.

IF needed, a LARGE generator UNIT is fine too.

If you choose, you can always go with a massive portable gas generator like our Winco WL18000VE. This industrial model was created for today's heavy-hitting contractor, however its 31-horsepower Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine and 15000 running watts can also be what the doctor ordered when a blackout or disaster leaves your home without electricity. The WL18000VE line comes equipped with OSHA-approved GFCI protection, and flip-up circuit breakers. The extended-run time fuel tank allows you over 10 hours between fuelings at load and it can also be obtained with a 4-wheel dolly kit!

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Asco 300-1000A-3Ph-Open Transition ATS-NEMA 3R

Asco 300-1000A-3Ph-Open Transition ATS-NEMA 3R

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T-Rex Generators distributes products from many different standby and portable generator manufacturers at substantially discounted prices. These represented companies include: Asco automatic transfer switches, Briggs & Stratton generators, Winco generators, Generac Generators, GenTran transfer switches, Reliance Controls Transfer Switches, and Zenith automatic transfer switches. T-Rex also carries Honda powered generators which have the same time-tested Honda engines as the substantially more expensive Honda generator brand units.