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Caterpillar Generators Used

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Caterpillar Generators Alternatives From Kohler


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6 To 175kW

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Caterpillar Generators

Caterpillar - the most PROFESSIONALLY used BACKUP generator BRAND in the WORLD.

Rental Unit Courtesy Of CAT
Caterpillar units are truly the choice of the pros worldwide, preferred to those of Cummins, John Deere, and all other commercial generator manufacturers. The diversity of the CAT product line means that no generator motor ever reaches the market without being comprehensively tested. The proliferation of Caterpillar's dealer, service, and support network means that assistance with an installation or generator maintenance is never more than a phone call away. With power blackouts having more than doubled in the United States in ten years, it should be no mystery why more and more businesses are turning to Caterpillar generators to fill their standby power needs. Being self-reliant, having backup power on site to turn to in a crisis, allows a business - perhaps even yours - to remain functional and productive in the throes of the harshest emergency or longest outage.

This Has Nothing To Do With Caterpillar; It's An E-Cat Energy Catalyzer Based On Cold Fusion (Fuses Nickel And Hydrogen To Create Heat)

YES, man-MADE burdens on the power GRID can cause it to FAIL; man's destructiveness PALES beside that of MOTHER nature.

Indoor-Mounted CAT Diesel
Man-made burdens may be able to procreate power-grid failure during high drain periods, but the human species at its worst can't approach the kind of destruction brought about by mother nature. Just ask residents of the eastern seaboard. When Hurricane Sandy swept across the east coast, wreaking such massive destruction, eliminating utility power for 8.5 million people, those of us thousands of miles away were reminded just how fragile life can be - even when it feels and seems completely sturdy. Days after superstorm Sandy had exhausted herself, 4 million residents in a host of affected states remained without power. Some locations were still dark weeks later, the only people with electricity for hundreds of square miles those with the capacity to supply their own - and this they did with the help of generator backup. Admittedly, it is annoying for any homeowner to be without electric power. For a business entity, sitting in the dark can be worse. Power loss affects productivity and profitability. It puts people out of work at a time when they are most vulnerable. For these reasons and more, businesses are investing in standby backup generators - seeking to preserve their operational capabilities when (not if) that disaster strikes.

Here Is A Collection Of Kohler Products - We Are Proud To Say We Also Carry Those

Choosing a BACKUP machine from CATERPILLAR is a wise INVESTMENT.

You already know why a Caterpillar-powered backup generator makes a ton (literally and figuratively) of sense. Give you a hint - we reviewed the reasons for this at the top of the page. It makes sense for the exact same reason that our company sells used CAT machinery. If an engine or machine wears the Caterpillar name, it is rarely if ever used up. Even if it's secondhand, going with CAT can be a smart investment. How come? The company's 60-plus billion dollar annual revenue doesn't begin to tell the story. Today, Caterpillar is the largest producer in the world of diesel and natural-gas powered industrial motors. It continues to be the largest producer of mining and construction equipment, and, as a way of increasing revenue for its many shareholders, has entered the clothing and financial services industries (among other arenas that a casual observer may not expect). Not only is Caterpillar tops in its core industry - heavy equipment and industrial motor production, it is one of the top 50 companies currently listed on the NYSE.

Think This Is A CAT Diesel Installed Inside Of A Building Someplace? It's Actually A Scale Model Inside Of Styrofoam Packaging - Looks Pretty Realistic!

Keep your EYES open for these FEATURES, whether you're LOOKING at a CAT, or any other STANDBY unit.

This Warehouse Is Stuffed With An Army Full Of New CATs
Some features mean more to a generator than other features. Everyone knows that climate protection is vital in difficult weather conditions. It can also be important in notoriously wet areas. If you face an application in which the generator will rest outdoors, facing tremendous amounts of humidity, an aluminum enclosure (if available) can be a terrific upgrade from the standard rust-resistant steel housing. While an enclosure may develop little or no rust, none - not steel, aluminum, or anything else - will retain its appearance against harsh climactic conditions. However, aluminum is a little bit easier to refinish if this should ever become necessary or desirable - primarily because rust spots are nonexistent. Generator engines aren't especially quiet, even when they operate at a low rpm (1800 for example). For this reason, sound-insulating properties can also be significant to an enclosure. This is particularly true if the generator will be used in an urban or suburban area. All enclosures do not enjoy identical sound-muffling qualities. If the machine you're evaluating has been refurbished, it may sport, depending on the application it was serving before, a housing that offers effective climate but limited noise control. Here at T-Rex, we don't normally recommend custom-fabricating an enclosure for your standby unit because it isn't cost effective in comparison to a factory-mounted shell. The exception to this is when sound insulation takes precedence over cost (and convenience). Factory-built housings just about always have some limitations with respect to noise reduction.

For any QUESTIONS about GENERATOR sizing, look to an ELECTRICIAN.
Truly A Company With A Worldwide Footprint, Caterpillar's Products Can Be Found Just About Anywhere - This Unit Is Deployed In Spain

Identifying the correct size of a generator for any specific application is something that requires consideration. Whether you're spending four thousand or four hundred thousand dollars, you certainly don't want to get it wrong. Having requirements checked by an electrician would have prevented at least 90% of the sizing mistakes we have witnessed after the fact - when the only two remedies were living with the inconvenience of it, or replacing the entire standby system. Obviously, the more the generator is utilized, the more problematic its incorrect sizing will become. Knowing what square footage or which appliances you will need to operate in an outage is part of it. In a commercial application (where the Caterpillar generators unit is often found), there can also be questions about single-phase or three-phase power. The best fuel type - liquid propane (LPG), natural gas (NG), or diesel - may be an issue. The projected amount of generator use, along with fuel costs and availability in an area, will likely dictate which fuel is chosen.

Gauges On The Instrument Cluster Of 450kW Caterpillar Diesel

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Asco 300-1000A-3Ph-Open Transition ATS-NEMA 3R

Asco 300-1000A-3Ph-Open Transition ATS-NEMA 3R

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T-Rex Generators distributes products from many different standby and portable generator manufacturers at substantially discounted prices. These represented companies include: Asco automatic transfer switches, Briggs & Stratton generators, Winco generators, Generac Generators, GenTran transfer switches, Reliance Controls Transfer Switches, and Zenith automatic transfer switches. T-Rex also carries Honda powered generators which have the same time-tested Honda engines as the substantially more expensive Honda generator brand units.