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Stamford Alternator From Cummins Generators

Summary of the CUMMINS generators STAMFORD alternator family - 2 and 4-pole units in P0-P1 range.Testarossa Look-Alike

If This Is A Kit, It's Very Well Done - Notice The Vent Windows, One Detail That Daytona Kits Invariably Lack!
These products from Cummins generators measure in the kVa range of 7.5 to 42.5, and are available in two and four-pole configurations. Expect the usual ultra-modern design characteristics featuring increased options for compatibility, and a patent-pending "Excitation Boost". Potential benefits of these new products include reduction in assembly time for outfitted gensets, superior alignment between engine and generator, and more convenient maintenance (plug-in AVR, accessibility to diodes without disturbing the rotor). The base machine of the series is self-excited, intended for replacement of self-excited BC-range Stamford generators. Improved alignment is obtained with twelve P0/P1 ratings - compared with just ten ratings for a BC-series unit (or for the UC224C, also compatible). The optional EBS System (Excitation Boost) provides better motor-starting potential and short-circuit management.

This 250 GTO Replica Doesn't Look AS Real As Some Others - But We Bet It's A Fun Drive

Four-pole units in the UC RANGE - size 40 to 250 kVa.
A Reproduction Like This Typically Rests On A MR-2 Or Fiero Platform

An Example Of A Really Nice Owner-Built Machine - Like The Choice Of Color

Alternators in the UC range encompass 40 to 250 kVa, and are available only in a 4-pole configuration. Twelve-wire reconnectable winding offers a wide assortment of one and three-phase voltages (up to 690 volts at the high end). Enclosure rated IP23 against finger contamination and heavy precipitation. Available options include a PMG (permanent magnet generator). Cummins generators recommends this class of its Stamford alternator for industrial and marine AC applications. Choice of single and two-bearing construction. Balanced rotor and sealed bearings.Here's A F40 Supercar Reproduction

Four and six-POLE configurations mark the HC RANGE - 250 to 1400 kVa.This 250 GTO Was Probably Built On A 240Z Platform

Barton's Goal Is To Retire And Spend All His Time Building One Of These - The Only Other Person I Know Who Tried That Never Finished The Project
HC class includes single and two bearing generators featuring auto voltage regulation (AVR). Models can have as much as 690 volts, and all utilize an IP23-rated enclosure. The HC6 harbors a standard PMG (permanent magnet generator). At 50 Hz, HC generators will accommodate from 250 to 1130 kVa, while at 60 Hz, these units are good for 285 to 1450 kVa. Cummins generators recommends its HC Stamford alternators for any AC genset configuration in the following applications (use is not limited to these however): commercial, industrial, marine, offshore, construction, rental, heat and power combination, parallel setups, telecommunications, and mining. Good for standby or continuous power. Not recommended as prime power source.

The Same Kit Utilized On 1980s Cop Show, Miami Vice - In A Different Shade

P7 RANGE offered in four and six-pole configurations - 1260 to 2750 kVa.The Company That Built These Was Quickly Squashed By Ferrari!

Four and six-pole P7 units (1260 to 2750 kVa) are AVR controlled, available in one and two-bearing configurations. Permanent magnet generator (PMG) is standard on all P7 Cummins generators Stamford models. Windings have 2/3 pitch to limit neutral currents. Cummins recommends its Stamford P7 for modern industrial and marine applications from 1260 to 2750 kVa. These generators were designed, in particular, for operation in rugged and desolate locations.

365 GTB Replica Based On '68 To '83 Corvette Chassis

P8 RANGE offered in four-pole configuration - 2000 to 5370 kVa.

These are brushless generators featuring self regulation and Stamford's top line (developed with Basler) microprocessor-based digital excitation system (known as the DM110 digital AVR, this is a Stamford-exclusive product, not found on any other generator brands). Standard available voltages between 380 and 13.8 kilovolts, with customized voltages offered by special order. Also has Cummins generators top permanent magnet generator for enhanced reliability, and stable output. P80 products were designed for exceptional strength and output relative to weight, in 2,148 to 5,190 kVa size range.

A Nice Fiero-Based F355

Cummins generators INTRODUCES the VARIABLE speed generator.
Fiero-Based 308 GTB

The Stamford variable speed generator delivers clean power to virtually any application, including AC, DC, single-phase, three-phase, 50 Hz, 60 Hz, high and low voltages. Based on the inverter power theory of compact single-cylinder generators, the VSIG (Variable Speed Integrated Generator) eliminates the need for an engine flywheel and utilizes no bearings for lower maintenance costs and an extended service life. The patented technology used with VSIG limits engine rpm to whatever is required for a given load, reducing fuel consumption by up to 25%.

Subtle Daytona Replica

How about the PERMANENT magnet ALTERNATOR?

Cummins Generators has engineered a new line of axial flux bearing-free Stamford PMA (permanent magnet) alternators. As with its variable speed units mentioned above, PMA alternators eliminate the engine flywheel for superior efficiency and environmentally-friendly operation. By employing the Stamford PCS (Power Conditioning) System, variable speed gensets can be produced for applications requiring up to 3600 rpm. Technology allows for much lower weight, and compact dimensions compared to a standard alternator of similar output.

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Winpower GR150G4-D-150kW-Three Phase-NG

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