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Diesel Generating Sets

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Diesel Generating Sets - Used Caterpillar


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Diesel Generating Sets - Compact


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Diesel Standby

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Diesel Generating Sets - Mobile From Winpower

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Diesel Generating Sets - Mobile From Winco

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Diesel Generating Sets

Diesel GENERATING sets are LIGHT in the DARKNESS for savvy BUSINESSES.

In the year, 2000, six diesel engine manufacturers - Caterpillar included - are cited for non-compliance with anti-polution standards
If your area is prone to brown outs, or if your business seems to always be in the path of the next hurricane or tornado, perhaps you should be considering a diesel generating sets package for your enterprise and its emergency plan. These generators will provide reliable backup for your facility during a power outage, whether the period is brief or extended. You might say that this is the unique ability that only diesel standby units possess - operation that will not waver, or affect generator service life, if those hours become days or those days turn into weeks. Gas-burning generators simply don't have the same endurance or unabashed reliability that diesels deliver! For any business owner who wishes to maintain productivity through the next (or worst) outage or disaster - the diesel-powered generating set is unrivaled.

Late in 2006, Caterpillar's $12 million contribution helps to open a Great Rivers Center - the center's mission, to head up a global freshwater rivers project

FREQUENTLY, the large-sized APPLICATION will require 3-PHASE power, and the SMALL application 1-PHASE power - but not ALWAYS.

During the spring of 2004, Caterpillar lends its backing to an ambitious plan to reduce the emissions of diesel-powered school busses
Whether you have chosen to employ natural gas (NG), liquid propane gas (LPG), or diesel for a backup fuel, you will need to match the amperage of a site's circuit-breaker panel and the phase of its utility power to introduce standby electricity into it safely. The amperage of any circuit-breaker panel should be etched onto its surface. Say you have a 200-amp breaker panel in your home, or a large 800-amp panel in your commercial building - the amperage of whichever auto transfer switch (ATS) you select should match. The breaker panel may also reveal if the electricity being provided to the structure is one phase or three phase. Often this is obvious without explanation. For example, if the breaker panel says 277/480 volts, you know that the structure operates on three-phase power (277/480 is one of the three most common 3-phase voltage configurations). Standard single-phase electricity in the United States is always 120/240 volts (in Europe, single-phase voltage is 110/220). There is also a 3-phase 120/240-volt configuration, very common in American commercial applications. The breaker panel of the commercial entity that utilizes 3-phase 120/240-volt electricity should explain clearly what its requirements are - so that there can be no mistake. The two forms of electricity (single-phase 120/240 and three-phase 120/240) may sound alike, however you will discover quickly, if you try it, that they are not interchangeable.

Sales of Caterpillar work boots are suspended by a British retailer in protest of CAT's decision to close its London plant (year 2012)

So what EXACTLY is 3-phase ELECTRICAL power?

In evaluating a parallel line of utility poles, you will observe three wires or four wires running between them, one pole to another. If what you see is a trio of wires, each will be carrying a single phase of electricity (three phases taken together). In the case of the four wire setup, three wires carry a single phase of electricity, while the fourth is a neutral. In neighborhoods, you may see a single wire running from the main line of utility poles to a smaller secondary pole or home roof some distance away. Usually this perpendicular wire will pass through a transformer (looks like a primer-grey Sherwin-Williams paint can) that is installed on the nearest utility pole below where the three or four primary wires are hung. This is just what it appears - power from one of the three live wires (why the resulting output is referred to as single-phase electricity) being spliced into for an individual application (like a residence). A large office building, a commercial warehouse (such as J.C. Penney), or a food retailer (like Safeway) will utilize all three available phases of power, however each of these phases will serve a different area of the application. Whereas in a neighborhood, each home or set of homes is its own unique application, in the case of a large retail establishment, each area of the store or premises becomes its own application. How about it? Clear as mud?

Caterpillar receives unflattering publicity for what is seen as a hardball union-busting tactic - the shutdown of its Ontario-based locomotive plant - early 2012

ELICITING the input of an ELECTRICIAN is an excellent IDEA when it COMES to generator SELECTION.

The late 2010s - Caterpillar elects to stop producing motors for eighteen-wheelers and other long-haul trucks - but just temporarily
A good electrician can help you avoid mistakes in generator sizing that, at the very least, can be annoying. At worst, incorrect generator sizing can be a major headache. It is even possible to wind up with a diesel generating sets package that will not run the most critical items within your application. We've seen it happen. So, in nonspecific terms, what can be operated with which kilowatt rating? Let us give you a few ideas. Our 12 kW diesel from Winpower boasts a motor by Perkins (you may not be aware that Perkins is a subsidiary of CAT), and can provide prime power for a remote 1000 square foot cabin or summer home, or produce quality standby electricity for up to 3200 square feet. A diesel generating sets model featuring 80 kilowatts can be a fine prime-power source for roughly 6100 square feet - it can also back up a 2500 to 3000 square foot restaurant or food-retail entity, or a 9000 to 10000 square foot commercial warehouse. And if that isn't enough, eighty kilowatts can be a great choice for up to 20000 square feet of residential space. How about a 250 kilowatt machine with Iveco or John Deere muscle? We like these units for 20000 square feet of prime power, or backup of a 15000 to 20000 square foot restaurant or food retail location, or 40000-plus square feet of commercial warehouse space. For good measure, let's throw in 65000 square feet of residential arena. Now that's what we call living!

Having RELIABLE diesel GENERATING sets can be an INTEGRAL part of your COMPANY'S emergency backup PLAN.
In early 2006, investment company, T. Rowe Price, agrees to acquire Caterpillar's unit funds - not many folks are even aware that CAT has been involved in the financial-services industry

To keep your office space running smoothly or your machines, tools, and appliances alive when the utility power vanishes can require a significant investment. We understand that. It's the reason that choosing the right standby unit for your business is so critical. Everybody knows, when it comes to diesel backup, that names like Caterpillar, Kohler, Generac, Winco, and Winpower have been industry leaders for decades. We encourage generator buyers to look carefully at not just the manufacturer of a product, but certain seemingly noncritical features - features like sound control (sound-muffling materials and technologies that are employed by a given machine or its manufacturer). At the end of the day, noise can matter more than you'd expect in an application. California businesses and residents are subject to CARB emissions requirements - for anyone concerned with environmental issues, California-approved generators are the cleanest-burning units in the world (and can be deployed just as effectively in other locales and jurisdictions). When it comes to options, a model with brushless alternator or auto voltage regulation (AVR) can be helpful if you expect the generator load to be sensitive (electronics or computer equipment for instance). Also seek a generator controller with monitoring functions like low and high-voltage shutdowns, overspeed shutdown, high-temperature shutdown, and starter-overcrank protection. Making diesel generating sets a part of your company's emergency backup plan will help you eliminate the downtime that can give your competition the edge. Contact us today to get started on this wise investment.

October, 2010, CAT purchases engine maker, MWM, for $810 million - MWM manufactures diesel motors for applications in Latin America

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Asco 300-1000A-3Ph-Open Transition ATS-NEMA 3R

Asco 300-1000A-3Ph-Open Transition ATS-NEMA 3R

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T-Rex Generators distributes products from many different standby and portable generator manufacturers at substantially discounted prices. These represented companies include: Asco automatic transfer switches, Briggs & Stratton generators, Winco generators, Generac Generators, GenTran transfer switches, Reliance Controls Transfer Switches, and Zenith automatic transfer switches. T-Rex also carries Honda powered generators which have the same time-tested Honda engines as the substantially more expensive Honda generator brand units.