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Diesel Generator - Winpower With Stamford End

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Diesel Generator Compact From Winpower - With Stamford Alternator


Generator -

Winpower Diesel Generator Standby - Single Phase - With Stamford Alternator


Generator -

Winpower Diesel Generator - Three Phase - With Stamford Alternator


Generator -
Switchable Volts

Diesel Generator From Winpower - Mobile - Switchable Voltage


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Diesel Generator - Winpower With Stamford End

The first PATENT garnered by Rudolf Diesel for his revolutionary compression ignited motor was called "ARBEITSVERFAHREN und AUSFURRUNGSART fur VERBRENNUNGSMASCHINEN" - issued 1892!

Its high compression ratio gives the diesel motor a significant edge over any gasoline-burning counterpart in efficiency. Fuel-powered dragsters employ an obscenely high compression ratio to help generate their 2000 plus horsepower, but their motors are also highly susceptible to damage during operation. Part of this is an inherent (to gaseous-motivated engines) vulnerability to pre-ignition.This Is Sooooooo Nice! The problem of pre-ignition is a major impediment to a serious raising of compression ratios in any spark-bound motor. Diesel powerplants, by virtue of a time lapse between compression and ignition (when the air has been compressed but fuel not yet introduced into the cylinder), are subject to the annoying (but not usually damaging) knocking and pinging.

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Rudolf Diesel's ESSAY entitled "THEORY and CONSTRUCTION of a Rational HEAT Engine to Replace the STEAM Engine and COMBUSTION Engines first appeared - 1893.

'69 Pro Street
The governor, be it electronic or mechanical, is particularly important to a diesel motor. By providing the amount of fuel necessary for the throttle setting, a governor, at low rpm, prevents the engine from stalling, and, at high rpm, protects it from overspeed. If left to its own devices (governor-less in other words), operating speed of a diesel motor would continue increasing, unabated, until its internal parts froze or it simply blew apart. In other words, there is not a built-in means of affecting engine speed.Two-Tone A mechanical speed governor is generally controlled by the engine's gear train. It will utilize weights, counterweights, and spring tension to supervise the amount of fuel delivered by the injectors into the cylinder (based on engine needs). Engine needs change with throttle position, and by load. Moving uphill or pulling a trailer will increase engine load, and result in greater amounts of fuel reaching the cylinder. The electronic governor control unit in a modern diesel powerplant is often referred to as either an ECU (electronic control unit) or an ECM (electronic control module). There are several variables that impact the amount of fuel released into the cylinder by an electronic governor - engine speed of course, also fuel temperatures and intake manifold pressure.

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Adolphus BUSCH acquired rights to the DIESEL engine for both the UNITED STATES and CANADA - done in the year, 1897.


The electronic speed governor in a diesel motor provides a more efficient and precise injection of fuel into the combustion chamber than the less-expensive mechanical unit. Maximizing power and efficiency while minimizing emissions - this is the goal of the electronic controller, a goal influenced by precise management of the injection timing (encompasses the amount of fuel injected into the cylinder, and the time with respect to the position of the piston when injection begins and ends).What You'd Call Minimal Clearance Premature injection (advancing the start of the injection cycle in other words) means higher than normal combustion chamber temperatures (also higher efficiency however), but the emissions (specifically nitrogen oxide or NOx emissions) produced are also elevated and may not meet EPA or other relevant standards of a jurisdiction. Sometimes motors are advanced to temporarily increase available power. In other words, there can be legitimate reasons for such tuning. Retarding injection, on the other hand, will only result in heavy pollution and wasted fuel. You would see this unburned fuel in the heavier than normal exhaust smoke billowing from your vehicle. This condition, incorrect injection timing due (most of the time) to poor maintenance practices, makes the diesel environmentally corrosive.

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Rudolf Diesel licensed his revolutionary engine to RUSSIAN oil giant, BRANOBEL - its engineers tweaked the motor to incorporate NON-DISTILLED oil consumption - the year was 1998.

Road Racer
You already know that the diesel engine utilizes less fuel than a gasoline-driven powerplant to perform the same amount of work (a result of greater combustion temperatures and higher consumption rate - percentage - of fuel consumed). Modern gasoline engines, despite their numerous improvements in efficiency, are at best able to utilize around 30% of the energy created as fuel from the tank is burned.ZL 1 This means that only 30% of fuel-driven energy is applied to an engine's workload, be this propelling a car or truck, or running a piece of machinery like a portable generator. In the case of a diesel, the level of efficiency rises to 45%, a fairly significant improvement as you can see. Absence of a spark (electrical) based ignition system gives the diesel superior performance and better reliability in humid environments. Air and marine craft benefit from its use because these same spark-based ignition components can interfere with sensitive radio and navigation equipment.

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The FRENCH constructed the first diesel-POWERED SUBMARINE - year 1904.
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A diesel powerplant, resulting from heavier internal components (to withstand the extremely high combustion temperatures) and better lubricating properties inherent to the fuel it uses, should provide at least 50% longer service life than any gasoline equivalent. Diesels that are carefully maintained can routinely last twice as long as their gas-burning cousins. Diesel fuel has a further advantage over gasoline (to power many applications) because it resists explosion, and will not even burn that easily. Of course, diesel, like any fuel, will ignite and burn in a huge fire. What it doesn't do is release large amounts of flammable vapor the way other fuels (like gasoline or natural gas) will - the sort of vapor that prevents you from smoking or handling open flame while filling your car at the gas pump. A relative absence of vapor makes the diesel a great motor for ships and boats of all sizes - any craft in which an engine confined in tight quarters, through vapors it releases into the air, could become a time bomb waiting to blow. For generator applications, diesel fuel is much safer to burn than gasoline - in that it produces lower levels of carbon monoxide (carbon monoxide poisoning is among the greatest potential hazards related to any kind of generator operation).

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Asco 300-1000A-3Ph-Open Transition ATS-NEMA 3R

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T-Rex Generators distributes products from many different standby and portable generator manufacturers at substantially discounted prices. These represented companies include: Asco automatic transfer switches, Briggs & Stratton generators, Winco generators, Generac Generators, GenTran transfer switches, Reliance Controls Transfer Switches, and Zenith automatic transfer switches. T-Rex also carries Honda powered generators which have the same time-tested Honda engines as the substantially more expensive Honda generator brand units.