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Diesel Generator For Sale

For Sale-
Used CAT

Diesel Generator For sale - Used CAT


For Sale-

Diesel Generator For Sale - Compact (20 To 65kW)


For Sale-
Standby 1-Ph

Diesel Generator For Sale - Standby 1-Phase (12 To 200kW)

Standby 1-Phase

For Sale-
Standby 3-Ph

Diesel Generator For Sale - Standby 3-Phase (12 To 350kW)

Standby 3-Phase

Towable Diesel-

Winpower Towable Diesel - Switchable Voltage (90 To 200kW)


Winco Towable
Diesel Units-

Winco Towable Generators Diesel Units - Switchable Voltage (20 To 65kW)


Winco Portable
Diesel Unit-
Hatz Powered
5500 Watts

Winco Portable Diesel Unit - Hatz Powered - 5500 Watts

Portable Diesel

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T-Rex Generators Home Page - Return Directly

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Diesel Generator For Sale

It is not a SURPRISE that in TODAY'S difficult economy, many BUSINESSES lack the BUDGET for a new generator.

This Is A Military Diesel Unit Being Government Liquidated. We've Had Mixed Success With Government-Liquidated Products. If You're Going To Indulge, Examine The Motor For Excess Oil Leakage (And Don't Forget The Cooling System)
The fact that, today, many businesses cannot find room in a yearly budget for a brand new standby generator does not mean that backup power for outages or emergencies isn't necessary. Some business entities have sought to resolve the need for affordable standby power by seeking bargains in the used diesel generators for sale market. These companies know that a quality generator will provide reliable electricity whenever an outage happens, allowing business interests to persevere through the most adverse and difficult weather conditions. Backup electricity can be produced with diesel fuel, by burning natural gas (NG), or by burning liquid propane gas (LPG) - propane and natural gas can often be more convenient to obtain as a fuel source for standby power purposes. With modern disasters assuming so many forms, from hurricanes to tornados to heavy winter storms, a used system of backup electricity can be essential to resting easy.

Diesel Generator From The Year, 1911

Only you can DECIDE how much backup POWER is truly NECESSARY.

Here Is A Mobile Unit From A Chinese Manufacturer. The Problems With Chinese Power Products Are Typically Two-Fold: A)Subpar Reliability; B)Unavailable Replacement Parts
You must be the one to decide how much backup power you need. An electrician can help, can offer his or her recommendations, but the amount to invest in standby power falls to the one most affected by its use: that's right, you. Here are a few facts to consider. Our 20kW diesel from Winpower might be perfect for a home business that cannot risk losing time to an outage. That size machine can usually power residential square footage within the range of 4000 to 5300. The smallest permanent diesel we feature - 12kW - can run a small or home-based business, provide prime power to a modest 1000-foot facility, or back up a home of roughly 2400 to 3200 square feet. Moving to a 175kW machine means gaining the capacity to operate a 10000 to 12500 square foot restaurant or food retail location, a 26000 to 28000 square foot commercial warehouse or non-food retail outlet, or residential square footage of up to 46000 square feet! When a brand new 175kW stationary diesel generator can cost $35,000.00 plus, it can absolutely make sense to explore secondhand or refurbished options.

Does The Hummer In The Picture Really look Like This? Or Is This The Clever Retouching Of An Otherwise Ordinary Photo? Hmmm!

With so many COSTS straining the BOTTOM line of a MODERN business, the USED diesel GENERATORS for sale represents a smart and FRUGAL option.

Since no business, large or small, is immune from financing limitations, turning to a used diesel generators for sale unit can make tremendous sense. When considering a used standby generator, keep in mind that appearances can be deceiving - sometimes a model is weather worn or dilapidated on the outside - while internally having plenty of service life remaining. The condition of a housing may have something to relay about how carefully a unit has been maintained, or the harshness of the prior application in which it served. On the other hand, a generator's housing can be among the simplest, quickest, and least expensive parts of the machine to refurbish. Examine the motor carefully for signs of oil leakage. The platform supporting the generator can also wear signs of poor mechanical condition (like significant oil leakage). And, whatever you do, don't overlook the cooling system as you evaluate a used unit. Performing extensive work on a cooling system following a used stationary generator's purchase can be expensive. And too, most standby generators boast an overtemp shutdown feature - which, that's right, can work overtime (frustratingly so) if the cooling system has issues!

Harbors A 5 kVa Onan Diesel Generator!

When it comes to a REFURBISHED unit, look for FEATURES like the new RADIATOR, switches or controls, and (in the case of a DIESEL machine, new fuel TANKS.

Blow-Up Of A Diesel Fuel-Injector Assembly
Of course, a brand new radiator or thermostat, an entirely new cooling system doesn't automatically ensure the soundness of a used standby generator. Sometimes a trusted electrician can assess the quality of a machine adequately, in particular if that person is experienced with large stationary units. Consideration of fuel type can be amongst the most critical decisions faced by the prospective generator purchaser - when it comes to installation and post-installation usage of the product. Liquid-propane gas (LPG or LP), natural gas (NG), or diesel fuel - each has its own advantages - and its own disadvantages. Diesels trump all other models in efficiency (energy produced per quantity of fuel consumed); diesel is also the safest fuel to store. On the other hand, diesel sports a limited shelf life - and diesel machines are notorious for their poor cold-weather operation. The existing natural gas feed of an application can be a great fuel source for standby purposes. However, generators produce about 10% less power when running on natural gas (a potential problem if an application routinely requires high generator capacity). The shelf life of propane is virtually infinite. But propane is highly explosive and bulky to store in the quantities needed for backup. Whatever you do, don't overlook the availability of any fuel source in a given location - if fuel proves difficult or impossible to obtain, none of its other factors, good or bad, are going to matter much.

MANUFACTURERS like Generac, WINCO, and Winpower have BEEN serving BUSINESS entities and CONSUMERS for decades.
What Is It? How About A 5 kVa Belt-Driven Diesel Genset

These industry-leading manufacturers have spent years serving businesses, agricultural communities, and homeowners. Their workhorse products can be yours, and, with T-Rex Generators, you can save thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on the purchase of a new or used standby machine. We offer the very same high-quality features and options, and will provide the same hassle-free and timely delivery to the installation site. Purchasing a steadfast diesel generator for sale unit for emergency backup is always a wise move - for home or commercial interests - so let us help maintain your tight budget. Give our honest and knowledgeable sales staff a call today.

Caterpillar Diesel Motor

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Winco PSS30LS-3-30kW-Single Phase-120/240 Volts

Winco PSS30LS-3-30kW-Single Phase-120/240 Volts

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T-Rex Generators distributes products from many different standby and portable generator manufacturers at substantially discounted prices. These represented companies include: Asco automatic transfer switches, Briggs & Stratton generators, Winco generators, Generac Generators, GenTran transfer switches, Reliance Controls Transfer Switches, and Zenith automatic transfer switches. T-Rex also carries Honda powered generators which have the same time-tested Honda engines as the substantially more expensive Honda generator brand units.