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Diesel Generator Set

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Diesel Generator Power

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Diesel Generator Set

As an external power source, a diesel generator set can be used for a number of different reasons including industrial purposes. Most construction and building sites all over the world have diesel generator sets stationed all over the projects. This is because there is typically no viable source of electricity that can be used to power most of the lighting and heavy machinery used on the projects. A diesel generator set then becomes the lifeline for these constructions sites. Most sites operate with a number of these sets.

diesel generator set Industrial sites are not the only places where the use of a diesel generator set is relevant. Residences, commercial buildings, and various off grid structures, also benenfit from the use of a diesel generator set. Of course, the size of these sets varies greatly. The ones used in commerical locations are typically considerably larger than the ones used in residential situations.

Diesel Generator Portable

A diesel generator - portable type - has advantages and disadvantages like every other diesel generator currently on the market.

One of the top advantages of a diesel generator -portable style- is fuel efficiency. Diesel generators consume less fuel than those that run on gasoline, propane, and natural gas.

diesel generator portableSome diesel gensets consume only half the fuel when operating at the same capacity as generators running on one of the other gaseous fuel sources. This is why a diesel generator -portable type- is perfect for supplying non-stop power. They are both a reliable and economically viable method for constantly powering refrigerators, computers, medical equipment, and even entire large commercial buildings.

A diesel generator -portable type- is sturdier than its gaseous fueled counterparts. It can run for a total of 2000-3000 hours before requiring major maintenance work.

Regular maintenance is necessary, but less involved than what is required for other gas fueled generators. There are no spark plugs to maintain because combustion comes from compression. Typical regular maintenance includes changing the oil and cleaning the unit as instructed by the manufacturer.

A diesel generator -portable style- is perfect for those very tough environments, such as a gold mine in the Alaskan wilderness. These portable diesel generators are significantly more reliable than gas units. This makes remote locations, where parts and service are scarce, a perfect example of a place that requires a reliable and durable diesel genset. An example of this type of generator is the Winco W6010DEX.

Diesel is available in great quantities just as long as a gas station is nearby.

Diesel fuel can be safely stored because it is less flammable than other fuel sources.

Some negative considerations:

A diesel generator -portable type- can be a little more expensive compared to other generator types.

An older cheaper diesel generator -portable style- can create quite a bit of noise. This can be a big disadvantage in a well-populated neighborhood.

A diesel generator -portable style- is generally larger and heavier than a comparable gaseous fueled unit. It may be inconvenient for you to move a portable unit around unless you have some type of equipment to aid this effort. If available, a simple wheel/dolly kit helps tremendously.

Diesel Generator Power

Diesel generator power is useful for a variety of different applications. It is well known that diesel engines generally last for a long time when compared to their gas powered counterparts. When you are considering some kind of portable power source, diesel generator power might be the most cost effective and reliable method. Diesel generators offer a lot more power than a solar or wind generator at a substantially lower initial cost. With a windmill, you obviously need wind to generate electricty. With solar, you need the sun. With diesel generator power, weather is not a factor whatsoever.

diesel generator power Diesel generator power can be delivered from many different sized gensets. Anything from relatively small portables to units large enough to power entire multi story office buildings. Whatever the need, it is assured that you can procure a unit that is appropriate. You can find models that are portable and come equipped with a dolly kit that includes handles and wheels. There are also many towable trailer mounted diesel gensets available. Generally speaking, the portable diesel units are not the best gensets for consumers needing portable power for recreational use. The weight and noise levels make this type of application less than desirable.

Diesel Generator Silent

Diesel generator -silent style- are not truly silent generators. But the cases surrounding these units make them much more quiet than a traditional open framed generator. From a noise perspective, there is no perfect diesel generator -silent type- available today, but many diesel generator sets do feature enclosures specifically designed to reduce noise levels. This makes them at least somewhat silent. Essentially, this reduces the noise to a hum similar to that of an air conditioner.

diesel generator silent This is the primary advantage to a diesel generator -silent- style. If noise is not a very important consideration in your purchasing decision, you are likely better off purchasing a unit that is not classified as silent because it will cost much less.

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Asco 300-1000A-3Ph-Open Transition ATS-NEMA 3R

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