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Diesel Generators Used

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Used From

View Diesel Generators Used From Caterpillar

Used CAT

New Towable
From Wincogen
20 To 200kW

New Towable Diesel From Wincogen - 20 To 200 kW

New Compact
From Wincogen
20 To 65kW

New Compact Diesel From Wincogen - 20 To 65 kW


New Diesel
Standby Units
From Winpower
12 To 350kW

New Diesel Standby Units From Winpower - 12 To 350 kW


Diesel Generators Used

DIESEL generators USED can be an EXCELLENT alternative for those on a BUDGET.

700kW CAT Used Diesel
Diesel generators used can offer reliable backup power to those on a budget. In today's depressed economy, many businesses cannot afford to invest in a brand new generator for standby electricity, yet the need for backup power still exists. That is why smart companies turn to diesel generators used for a standby-electricity solution. A good generator will provide stability and reliability during a power outage, allowing the home or business owner to continue work and other activities despite external conditions. For those on a budget, used backup systems can become pivotal (includes not just the used diesel system, but natural-gas (NG) and liquid-propane (LPG) burning secondhand systems) when a disaster strikes.

1000kW Cummins

Before purchase, DETERMINE the amount of BACKUP capacity you will NEED.

A Pristine Secondhand Cummins
You may already know what you need in the way of a generator. A 27kW unit might be perfect for your home-business requirements. This size generator can also effectively power homes of 5600 to 7400 square feet. Even a 10kW unit will adequately back up a small or home-based business (or a home of 1200 to 1600 square feet). The 130kW 3-phase machine will allow a businessman to power a restaurant or other refrigerated facility in the range of 7500 to 8000 square feet, or a commercial warehouse (which has lower power demands) of square footage 19000 to 20000. Those seeking 130 kilowatts of backup will quickly discover that the brand new generator costs in the neighborhood of $35,000, regardless of fuel choice. Turning to diesel generators used can help keep expenses in check.

Westerbeke Marine Diesel With Head Pulled

What can you EXPECT from a SECONDHAND generator.

Used generators may appear beat up or weather worn, but this has little bearing on its potential operation or reliability. Sometimes it pays to find a unit that has had its radiator or cooling system updated (especially true if you're talking about a diesel because of heightened internal-engine temperatures during operation). Other units may have had fuel tanks or switches replaced - two more areas where you can find wear-and-tear on a used model (and not a bad thing to look for when considering any kind of secondhand diesel-powered machine). As is true when purchasing a new generator, if questions linger about the correct output for an application, don't be afraid to consult with an electrician prior to purchase.

Interior Of Antarctic Powerplant Comprised Of Six Diesel Generators

CATERPILLAR has been serving COMMUNITIES for DECADES with its INDUSTRY-leading equipment.

A Used Rolls Royce Unit
It's true. Caterpillar generators have been serving communities for decades, and the purchase of a used CAT can mean saving thousands of dollars on one of these reliable workhorses. Thanks to the extended dealer network CAT offers (you can find Caterpillar service in the most unpopulated areas of the United States), installation and maintenance of a used unit following acquisition is never an issue. In fact, the maintenance history of a machine can be a significant factor in considering its fitness for purchase - more significant, say, than the condition of a housing or where the machine was operated in its last life (inside of a building, away from direct contact with the elements, for instance). A poorly-serviced or maintained machine may look like new upon inspection - and end up boasting a host of invisible problems once installed.

How About A Mitsubishi?

Having a RELIABLE diesel GENERATOR used can be a VALUABLE part of your backup plan.

Having a reliable diesel generators used should be a top priority for any home or commercial enterprise on a budget. Let T-Rex help you find the right used Caterpillar generator for your application (we also offer other used CAT equipment). We freely advise any client who is seeking a unit for frequent backup or a prime power installation to consider the diesel machine first - for its reliability, friendly maintenance, and efficiency (the diesel motor yields 15 to 20% more output than its gaseous-burning counterpart per gallon of fuel used).

Isuzu Anyone?

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Asco 300-1000A-3Ph-Open Transition ATS-NEMA 3R

Asco 300-1000A-3Ph-Open Transition ATS-NEMA 3R

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T-Rex Generators distributes products from many different standby and portable generator manufacturers at substantially discounted prices. These represented companies include: Asco automatic transfer switches, Briggs & Stratton generators, Winco generators, Generac Generators, GenTran transfer switches, Reliance Controls Transfer Switches, and Zenith automatic transfer switches. T-Rex also carries Honda powered generators which have the same time-tested Honda engines as the substantially more expensive Honda generator brand units.