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Diesel Genset

Investing in a diesel GENSET can prevent your BUSINESS from taking it on the CHIN during a LENGTHY power outage.

Perkins Used Diesel Unit
The diesel genset can be a life saver for your business in the event of a disaster or power outage. The foundation of many a business backup plan, the diesel genset provides stable power for a facility when conventional electricity fails, sustaining otherwise lost productivity. It is true - backup generators can be operated on other fuels, notably natural gas (NG) or liquid propane (LP or LPG) - both potentially convenient and attractive fuel sources; however the machines that rely on these fuels are best suited for relatively infrequent and short bursts of backup. When a catastrophe eliminates utility power for days, those units have some limitations. For instance, one significant disaster can drastically affect the service life of a machine that has cost tens of thousands of dollars to purchase and implement. Not so with the diesel unit - capable of performing extended backup, just as capable of providing prime power to a location, with little or no impact on longevity!

This Tanker Delivers What Is Known As Red Diesel

In the AFTERMATH of a tornado or HURRICANE, a devastating earthquake or FLOOD, the diesel GENSET is a beacon of SECURITY.

Cummins Diesel Motor
Storing diesel fuel for emergencies is extremely safe. Unlike competing fuels, diesel does not give off flammable vapors that can lead to an explosion when it sits unused for long stretches - even if it's stored in a cramped space with little or no ventilation. There is a reason, after all, that large marine applications, ships and other vessels whose motors are installed in tight unventilated areas, use diesel-burning powerplants almost exclusively. Its safety is the good news about diesel. The bad news? That its supply must be periodically turned over to prevent degeneration. With or without a stabilizer, diesel has twice the shelf life of gasoline. Diesel's longevity cannot compare, however, to the unlimited shelf life of propane, or to the always-fresh supply of natural gas from the existing NG feed of an application. When planning to employ a diesel generator, it helps dramatically to have a secondary use for the fuel (a diesel truck, tractor, etc) if it is not consumed providing backup electricity. This ensures that the fuel supply remains viable.

Very Old Single-Cylinder Diesel Generator

Carefully consider how MUCH square FOOTAGE will need to be COVERED by generator POWER.

With the help of a qualified electrician, assess your backup requirements. If this will be a business application, there may be a question of single or three-phase power. It also helps (if possible) to obtain a genset that operates at 1800 rpm rather than the standard 3600 rpm of a portable generator. This increases service life while allowing the unit to run at a much lower decibel level. Differences of a few decibels may sound marginal - that is, until you've heard the machines operate side by side. In terms of unit size for coverage needed - in general terms, a 22 kW standby generator is an adequate choice for any small to medium-sized home-based business. To operate more than a home-based business will normally require in the neighborhood of 45 kilowatts. Our most powerful Winpower diesel unit - 350 kW - is capable of backing up a restaurant or food retail location of 24000 square feet or more, or a commercial warehouse locale of roughly 60000 square feet. Our rule of thumb at T-Rex, whenever there is a question of sizing, is to oversize rather than undersize a generator for its application. However, it is always good policy (as well as cost effective) not to dramatically oversize a generator if it can be avoided. An electrician can help ensure that this does not occur. Don't forget that a smaller unit, in addition to costing less up front, will help save on fuel expense.

Here's A Picture From Clear Back In 1965 Of A Diesel Standby Generator Being Maneuvered By Crane

Consider YOUR genset FEATURES when preparing FOR generator PURCHASE.

Look At The Size Of This 3 mw Diesel Genset
Genset features themselves do not vary a great deal from one unit to another - however the quality of those features can vary distinctly. As is the case with the generators themselves, products such as controllers and engines - major parts of any finished generator product - are not created equal. In their descriptions, the housings of two generator manufacturers may sound identical but wear differently due to the gauge or thickness of the material used in construction - and one may also shield engine noise infinitely better than another because of the thickness and quality of the padding (sound-muffling materials) applied to the housing's interior. An inexpensive generator may not be the bargain it appears. Remember the old saying, "you get what you pay for"; there is no truer illustration of this than the standby genset unit - regardless what fuel it relies upon for operation.

In a WORLD where power OUTAGES transpire with LITTLE or no WARNING, reliable backup may no longer be a LUXURY.
The Vehicle Pictured Boasts A Winco 5500-Watt Air-Cooled Diesel Generator With Hatz Power

That's right. Natural disasters can be unpredictable. Blackouts frequently occur without warning, and when outdoor climates are at their worst. Sometimes the effects of a catastrophic event - a hurricane for example - can reach further than the storm itself has. Buildings and homes within the direct path of a hurricane may be pillaged beyond repair - and, hundreds of miles away, similar structures may remain perfectly intact and yet have no electric power. For anyone facing days or weeks without electricity, a reliable standby generator can be worth its weight in gold. We should know. We listened to many horror stories and heard an equal number of laments following Hurricane Sandy. It is human nature for folks to wait until the worst happens before prioritizing an emergency backup plan. This is the reason that so few home and business owners are prepared when disaster arrives. Here at T-Rex Generators, we believe that no-one needs to be in the position of wondering "what if". Contact us today. We'll help you select the right generator for you and your family or business - and get that emergency backup plan started.

Diesel With Soundproof Exterior

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Winco PSS30LS-3-30kW-Single Phase-120/240 Volts

Winco PSS30LS-3-30kW-Single Phase-120/240 Volts

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T-Rex Generators distributes products from many different standby and portable generator manufacturers at substantially discounted prices. These represented companies include: Asco automatic transfer switches, Briggs & Stratton generators, Winco generators, Generac Generators, GenTran transfer switches, Reliance Controls Transfer Switches, and Zenith automatic transfer switches. T-Rex also carries Honda powered generators which have the same time-tested Honda engines as the substantially more expensive Honda generator brand units.