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Generac Generators

Since its founding in 1959, Generac has become one of the most widely recognized Generator brands here in the United States. Generac produces the lowest cost product line-up of any major US based manufacturer. The company manufactures a wide range of generator products including portable, RV, residential, commercial and industrial generators.

Portable Inverter
iX Series

Generac Inverter Generators
Home Portable
GP Series

Generac Home Portable GP Series generators
Light Industrial
XG Series Portable

Generac light industrial XG Series portable generators
Professional Industrial
XP Series Portable

Generac professional industrial XP Series portable generators
California Portable
CARB Approved

California portable models, CARB Approved
RV Generators
Generac RV generators
Click for Gasoline
Click for Propane
Click for Diesel
Commercial Standby
Single Phase

Generac commercial standby single phase generators
Click for NG
Click for Propane
Commercial Standby

Generac commercial standby 3-phase generators
Click for NG
Click for Propane
Guardian Standby
Single Phase

Generac Guardian Air Cooled Generators
Generator only
with Tran Switch
with Load Center
Guardian Standby
Liquid Cooled
Single Phase

Generac Guardian Liquid Cooled Single Phase Generators
Click for NG
Click for Propane
Guardian Standby
Liquid Cooled

Generac Guardian Liquid Cooled Single Phase Generators
Click for NG
Click for Propane
QuietSource Standby
Single Phase

Generac QuietSource Standby Single Phase Generators
QuietSource Standby

Generac QuietSource Standby Three Phase Generators
Generac Power
Transfer Equipment

Generac power transfer equipment

Generac has several generator product lines. Each of these can be selected by clicking on the above boxes. Each type is also described below to help with your purchasing decision.

Portable Inverter iX Series - Best for Camping, Tailgating, Picnicking

Generac's iX Series inverter technology takes the raw power produced by the generator and passes it through a special electronic microprocessor to provide clean and stable power which is safe for computers and other sensitive electronic devices. Designed for life on the road, its durable, lightweight, compact design with built-in handle offers convenient portable power.
  • Lightweight & Compact - Up to 40% lighter than a standard generator of equal watts. Built-in-handle allows super easy portability.
  • Quiet & Campground Friendly - Full enclosure drastically reduces noise
  • Throttle control that helps save fuel and reduce noise even more - Engine RPMs increase and decrease with load.
  • Electronic Overload Protection - Circuit breaker protected
  • Engine Protection Low-oil shutdown detects low oil level and shuts the engine down to prevent potential engine damage

Home Portable GP Series - Best for Home Emergencies and Outdoor Events

With a GP Series portable generator, you get affordable reliability and features not usually found on basic portable models. That's why these generators are a favorite for home emergency use, home projects, or outdoor events.
  • NEW! Compact design that provides an unparalleled power-to-weight ratio.
  • NEW! Covered outlets for added protection from the environment and rugged working conditions.
  • A large steel fuel tank with easy-to-read fuel gauge provides durability and extended run times.
  • A hardened steel tube cradle that's thicker than many competitive units for added strength and durability.
  • Generac's OHV engines with cast-iron cylinder sleeves for reliability.
  • An ergonomic fold-down locking handle to make transport and storage easy.
  • Low oil shutdown that detects a low oil level and shuts the engine down to prevent engine damage.
  • Heavy-duty never-flat wheels for reliable portability.

Light Industrial XG Series Portable - Best for Light Industrial Jobsites

The premium quality power and reliable performance of Generacís XG Series comes from Generac's OHVI engine. Depend on this rugged unit to provide years of reliable power to your event or job site.
  • Generac's OHVI engine is designed specifically for generators.
  • Heavy duty, hardened steel tube cradle, full-wrap frame tubing and impact resistanct corners for durability.
  • Illuminated Control Panel for improved visibility.
  • Power Bar monitors wattage usage.
  • Low-Oil Pressure Protection to protect engine from damage.
  • Covered Outlets for more protection from the environment.
  • GFCI Circuit Breaker for added protection.
  • External Battery Charge Jack on electric start models.
  • Hour Meter with maintenance resets tracks usage.

Professional Industrial XP Series Portable - Best for Contractors

The undisputed workhorse of the portable market, Generacís NEW professional grade XP Series portable generators are engineered specifically with contractors and construction sites in mind. All models are powered by the Generac OHVI engine designed specifically for generators and built to withstand extended job site use. The XP Series is noticeably more substantial than most portable generators, sporting impact-resistant cast metal corners and a heavy-duty, hardened steel tube cradle. Integrated handle supports and brackets are engineered as part of the casting for even more durability.
  • Full-panel GFCI protection that is OSHA and NEC 2011 compliant.
  • Idle control to conserve fuel and reduce noise.
  • An integrated lifting eye for easy transport and security on the job site.
  • True Powertechnology that provides clean, smooth operation of sensitive electronics, tools and appliances.

California Portable, CARB Approved - Best for California Residents

California has special regulations for all small engine equipment sold within the state. The California Air Resources Board (CARB), must certify small engine equipment as CARB compliant before it can be purchased within California. All units listed within this category are CARB compliant and available for shipment to a California address.

RV Generators - Best for Motorhomes and Trailers

Create piece of mind on your next RV vacation. Whatever the destination, don't worry about power with your Generac RV generator. Because Generac has fulfilled the needs of RV customers for over 35 years, it knows reliability is the top priority. These units are powered by Generac's proven OHVI engine and engineered specifically for the unique needs of recreational vehicles. Generac RV generators perform in all altitudes, under all conditions, for worry-free travels.

Commercial StandBy - Best for Business

Losing power for even a few hours can mean thousands of dollars in lost revenue to your business. Security systems go down, refrigerated goods spoil, customers are turned away. Generac revolutionized the commercial generator market with the first standby generators powerful enough to back your entire business without the cost of expensive configured systems. Keep your business open with a competitive advantage. Also ideal for large residential needs.

Guardian StandBy Air-Cooled - Best for Home - Critical Circuit Coverage

The most cost efficient home standby generator currently available direct to consumers. These Generac Guardian air-cooled units are inexpensive, efficient, simple to use, easy to install, and automatic power loss protection.

Guardian StandBy Liquid-Cooled - Best for Home - Whole House Protection

Solid, reliable, increased horsepower of an automotive-style, liquid cooled engine provides automatic whole house power protection for larger homes and essential circuit protection for small and medium businesses such as retail centers, restaurants, churches and offices.

QuietSource StandBy - Best of the Best - Home or Business

Premium features are standard for the ultimate standby generator. Thanks to the low-speed engine, it's so quiet youíll forget you own a generator until you need it. Ideal for large residential and small to medium commercial applications.
  • Low speed, automotive style liquid-cooled engine runs at only 1800 rpm during a power outage for a substantially quieter generator, greater fuel efficiency, and longer engine and alternator life.
  • Super quiet, super efficient, patented Quiet-Test mode for a weekly test mode thatís quieter than other brands, consumes less fuel and helps make your Generac generator the most environmentally friendly on the market.
  • Standard aluminum, all-weather enclosure provides the ultimate protection from the elements. Aluminum's natural corrosion resistance prolongs the life of your generator and is recommended for salt-air, coastal locations.

  • Click here for QuietSource Single Phase
  • Click here for QuietSource Three Phase
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T-Rex Generators distributes products from many different standby and portable generator manufacturers at substantially discounted prices. These represented companies include: Asco automatic transfer switches, Briggs & Stratton generators, Winco generators, Generac Generators, GenTran transfer switches, Reliance Controls Transfer Switches, and Zenith automatic transfer switches. T-Rex also carries Honda powered generators which have the same time-tested Honda engines as the substantially more expensive Honda generator brand units.