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Generac Standby Generators

Eight Through
Twenty Kilowatts

Generac Guardian-Series Residential (Eight Through Twenty Kilowatts) - Generator Only

Generator Only
Packages - w/ATS
Or Load Center

Generac Guardian-Series Residential Packages - With ATS Or Load Center

Gen/Load Center
Liquid Cooled
Single Phase
25 Thru 60kW

Generac Guardian-Series Liquid-Cooled Single-Phase (25 Thru 60kW)

NG Models
LPG Models
Liquid Cooled
Three Phase
25 Thru 60kW

Generac Guardian-Series Liquid-Cooled Three-Phase (25 Thru 60kW)

NG Models
LPG Models
Series Units
Single Phase
22 Thru 48kW

Generac QuietSource-Series Units Single-Phase (22 Thru 48kW)

NG/LPG Models
Series Units
Three Phase
22 Thru 48kW

Generac QuietSource-Series Units Three-Phase (22 Thru 48kW)

NG/LPG Models
Series Units
Single Phase
70 Thru 150kW

Generac Commercial-Series Units Single-Phase (70 Thru 150kW)

NG Models
LPG Models
Series Units
Three Phase
70 Thru 150kW

Generac Commercial-Series Units Three-Phase (70 Thru 150kW)

NG Models
LPG Models

Generac Standby Generators - A Brief Tutorial

Guardian-Series Air Cooled - For Residential Backup

These primarily residential generators top out at 20 kilowatts. For increased convenience, they can be purchased in kits with transfer equipment - either a 100-amp combination transfer switch and load center with from 10 to 16 pre-wired circuits, or a 200-amp automatic transfer (Smart) switch featuring DLM load-management technology. These kits can be an exceptional value because they contain everything required for the installation of the product. They also make sense because Generac generators and Generac-manufactured transfer equipment are built for seamless integration - proven generator-switch combinations always make setup of the standby application a little bit easier. In addition, all Guardian air-cooled standby units are equipped with the Generac OHVI pressure-lubricated motor. This engine provides a longer service life and more generous maintenance intervals than the typical small engine found in an air-cooled unit. And when it comes to having a standby generator serviced or repaired, keep in mind that the nationwide network of Generac dealers is as robust as any you will find handling this category of product.

For the right-sized residence or home-based business, an air-cooled standby generator can be ideal. A factor rarely considered when a standby model is being selected, air-cooled machines harbor fewer built-in shutdowns to impact performance. This can make a difference, especially at high elevations where a generator is compelled to operate at hotter temperatures than it would at sea level. Liquid-cooled units, especially those that run at 3600 rpm, may endure untimely shutdowns for excessive coolant temperature or insufficient coolant level, something to keep in mind if it becomes a choice between the two styles. Here is a summary of air-cooled Guardian-series features:
  • Automatic engagement when a utility power loss detected
  • Same no-hassles shut-off as soon as utility restored
  • Able to transition from propane to natural gas operation with minor adjustments
Liquid-Cooled Guardian In Commercial Application

Guardian Liquid-Cooled - For Large Home or Small Business

A large to extra-large residence or non-home based small business may require more backup than an air-cooled unit can provide. Liquid-cooled Generac standby generators are larger, costlier, and more complicated than air-cooled machines - nevertheless, they do have some significant advantages. Liquid-cooling is a more efficient method of heat dissipation. Lower operating temperatures mean a superior service life for the liquid-cooled motor. With their improved efficiency, these motors can also be larger and offer better backup capacity. Here is another distinction: air-cooled generators are relegated to single-phase applications - while businesses and other commercial enterprises frequently require three-phase electricity. Here is what you can expect with a liquid-cooled Guardian:
  • Models available from 25 to 60 kW
  • Choices of single and three-phase output
  • Sizes 25 to 45 kW convert from propane to natural gas and back with minimum of adjustment
  • The 60 kW Guardian must be set up in Generac factory for operation on specific fuel
  • Sixty-kilowatt Guardian offered with steel or no-rust aluminum exterior

The Generac OHVI Pressure-Lubricated Motor With Spin-On Filter

Quietsource - For Urban or Suburban Application

While QuietSource units are similar to liquid-cooled Guardian models, they do harbor two significant differences: first - standard the entire QuietSource line boasts 1800 rpm operation; second - all QuietSource models are equipped with Generac's no-rust aluminum exterior. QuietSource Generac standby generators were designed specifically for urban and suburban applications where limiting generator engine noise is at a premium. Guardian series units, on the other hand, operate at 3600 rpm - double the rate of their QuietSource siblings with similar or identical motors. These higher rpms increase decibel levels by a fair margin (an increase of from three to five decibels doesn't sound like much - until you have heard the models operate together). Generac offers its aluminum housing only on the 60 kW Guardian. We much prefer it to even rust-resistant steel for any application in an extremely humid or coastal region. Here is what a liquid-cooled QuietSource generator has to offer:
  • Model choices from 22 to 48 kW
  • All sizes boast easy natural gas to propane conversion
  • Standard 1800 rpm operation
  • No-rust aluminum exterior

Air-Cooled Guardian Provides Power To A Residential Application

Commercial-Series - For Commercial Applications Ranging in size from 70 to 150 kW, these Generac standby generators are primarily for medium-sized commercial applications - those applications that require more output than a liquid-cooled Guardian or QuietSource unit can provide, but less output (and expense) than one of Generac's custom-built (application-specific) Industrial-series machines will offer. Operating rpm varies by model - the 70 kW Commercial-series standby is an 1800 rpm unit. The Commercial-series 100 kW unit operates at 2300 rpm, and the 130 kW machine at 3000 rpm. A few facts about Commercial-series models:
  • All models harbor rust-proof aluminum exterior
  • Intended for standby purposes rather than prime-power application
  • Factory setup for specific fuel source required
  • 70, 100, and 130 kW units operate at reduced (from 3600) rpm for noise control

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Winpower GR150G4-D-150kW-Three Phase-NG

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T-Rex Generators distributes products from many different standby and portable generator manufacturers at substantially discounted prices. These represented companies include: Asco automatic transfer switches, Briggs & Stratton generators, Winco generators, Generac Generators, GenTran transfer switches, Reliance Controls Transfer Switches, and Zenith automatic transfer switches. T-Rex also carries Honda powered generators which have the same time-tested Honda engines as the substantially more expensive Honda generator brand units.