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Onan Generators and Cummins Onan Generators

onan generators and cummins onan generators Onan generators are among the oldest and most trusted in the power-production industry. Having been in existence since 1920, this company began manufacturing generator products almost a full century ago.

When Onan became a subsidiary of Cummins, Cummins Onan Generators quickly became a leader in power generation, a mantle the company has maintained for more than eighty years. Rated as one of the top generator brands in the country, it is trusted in both commercial and residential arenas.

Onan Generators can supply a product for every need - home or residential emergency use, portable or standby, industrial or commercial, as well as marine use. With generators fast becoming a necessity rather than a luxury, Cummins Onan Generators provide consumers with a consistent, dependable source of power when traditional electricity fails.

Portable Onan Generators

portable onan generators Portable Onan generators are one of five different types or categories of generators manufactured by the Cummins Onan company. The company describes its portable generators with this tagline, “Power when you need it most".

Portable Onan generators have full perimeter safety frames to prevent the operator from contacting hot surfaces. If desired, easily-installed dolly or wheel kits are available to enhance mobility.

Portable Onan generators fueled by gasoline are equipped with standard “Low-Oil Shutdown”, a feature that automatically shuts off the generator if oil levels become deficient, thus preventing serious engine damage. They are equipped with built-in circuit breaker protection, a feature that provides safety to the operator while helping to protect both the generator and the appliances attached to it.

Designed with an enclosed muffler, portable Onan generators are built for quiet operation and easy hookup. These generators can be subdivided into three primary categories: residential or home models, inverters, and commercial or industrial-grade products.

Portable Onan generators are backed by eighty-five years of technical expertise, and come with a two year limited warranty.

Onan RV Generators

onan rv generators Onan RV generators offer a wide variety of choices - including diesel, gasoline, or propane-burning, and permanently-installed or quiet and portable inverter styles.

Some features consumers look for in Onan RV generators are electric start, electric fuel pump, easy-access maintenance points, safety mechanisms like automatic fuel and high oil-pressure shutoff, easy-to-read gauges, and efficient fuel consumption with low emissions - these are just a few. Hosts of standard convenience and safety features have helped Onan RV generators offer reliable innovative power for decades.

Offering diesel, gasoline, and liquid propane fuel choices, RV generators Onan is backed by a worldwide service network, trained technicians dedicated to enhancing your RV lifestyle. Technological advances such as remote-control start and installation-friendly automatic start systems have allowed Onan RV generators to bring a new level of luxury to your RV travels.

Onan RV generators are quiet in operation, and, because of this, can be run in RV parks where many competing generators are simply out of luck. They can be connected to an RV's own propane supply, or fed by independent external tanks.

Onan Propane Generators

onan propane generators Onan propane generators are offered with LP liquid or LP vapor-fueled operation.

Propane fuel has many inherent advantages. It does not emit foul exhaust fumes as it burns, making it a desirable choice for many applications. Propane can be easily stored in external tanks, and is commonly available for delivery. Propane, while more flammable than many competing fuels, because it is stored inside tanks, requires higher temperatures to explode than other fuels do to ignite.

Built to deliver quiet, reliable power for SUVs, fifth-wheels, and Type A and Type C RVs, the enclosed mufflers and low vibrations of Onan propane generators are helping corner the propane-generator market.

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