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Power Generation - Winpower With Stamford End

1-Ph Stamford

Winpower Gaseous - Single Phase With Stamford Alternator

Single Phase

Generation -
Gaseous With
Stamford End

Power Generation Gaseous With Stamford End

Three Phase

Generation -

Power Generation Compact Diesel From Winpower - With Stamford Alternator


Generation -
Diesel With
Stamford End

Power Generation Diesel With Stamford End

Single Phase

Generation -
Diesel With
Stamford End

Power Generation Diesel With Stamford End

Three Phase

Mobile Diesel

Winpower Mobile Diesel Generators With Stamford Alternator


Coupe - Early

Lincoln Continental Coupe


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Power Generation - Winpower With Stamford End

The year 1903 saw the launch of the world's first DIESEL-POWERED ships - one in FRANCE, the other in RUSSIA.

'76 Mark IV
Rudolf Diesel is best known as the inventor of a compression-ignition motor that wears his name to this day (and continues to evolve and gain popularity in more and more applications). It should come as no surprise that Diesel was a skilled refrigeration engineer. You might expect a successful inventor to boast impressive engineering credentials.Mark III! Diesel is less known for the political and philosophical views on social equality that helped motivate his creativity. In fact, it was Rudolf's ambition, in undertaking the design of what would become a highly-efficient and affordable power source, that small and independent manufacturers, relying on his invention, would produce wares that were inexpensive enough to compete in the marketplace with the mass-produced factory goods of large companies. His thesis was that this would translate into what we'd call today a robust middle class!

Grape-Colored Land Yacht

In the YEAR 1905, the first TURBOCHARGER and the first SUPERCHARGER for diesel powerplants were produced.

Murdered-Out '73
In 1893 in Augsburg, Germany, Rudolf's first compression-ignition motor was operated under its own power. This early engine prototype featured a single ten-foot long cylinder with an attached flywheel. His 1893 demonstration showed that the revolutionary compression-motivated motor design could work - but plenty of improvement would be needed to convince skeptics of the engine's potential.Pink The 1893 effort from Rudolf Diesel was not significantly better in its efficiency than the popular steam engine (which harbored a paltry 10% efficiency rating). Three years later, Rudolf unveiled an updated motor that sported an incredible (for the day) 75% efficiency. People were quickly sold. By the turn of the century, Diesel's compression-ignition motors were being used to power water plants, electric plants, even some heavy equipment.

Chocolate Leather From '76

In 1908, the first FUEL-INJECTION system was DEVELOPED by the same company that produces today's DEUTZ diesel engines.

Mark IV

In a gasoline motor, an air-fuel mixture is injected into the cylinder and compressed. In other words, the air and fuel are compressed together (to roughly 200 lbs/square inch). A spark from the spark plug ignites the 200 psi compressed mixture. The diesel engine operates a little bit differently. Fuel is introduced into the cylinder following compression of the air by the piston -1972 compression that reaches a lofty 600 lbs/square inch, resulting in the 1000 degree Fahrenheit temperatures required to create combustion when fuel is added. The injector, when functioning properly, distributes fuel droplets evenly through the compressed air. Evenness of the fuel-air mixture is critical to the diesel's operation. The theory behind any compression-ignition design is that 1000 degree heat from the 600 psi density will vaporize each fuel droplet a little bit at a time (allowing it to gradually mix with the air) - so that when explosion in the cylinder causes the piston to descend, the vaporization is complete. This process involves a fair amount of precision. An uneven distribution of fuel means incomplete vaporization (in other words, fuel waste), and a weak or lopsided detonation resulting in potentially significant loss of horsepower.

Cherry Mark II

In 1913, Rudolf Diesel VANISHED from the SS DRESDEN while traveling from Antwerp to LONDON.

Lap Of Luxury
Because it is sudden and abrupt, the explosion in the cylinder of a gasoline motor can be more predictable than the explosion occurring in the cylinder of a diesel. On the other hand, by vaporizing droplets of fuel slowly, the diesel uses a higher percentage of the fuel submitted to its cylinder. This low rate of fuel waste is responsible for the diesel motor's efficiency edge (roughly 30 to 35% better than a gasoline equivalent).Baby Blue Mark III The pump price of the two fuels is not markedly different. The diesel motor can still be more cost-effective to use because it burns less of its fuel to create the same amount of horsepower. It also sounds counterintuitive to say that the diesel motor, sporting higher operating temperatures and loftier compression ratios, would wear better - and require less maintenance - than a comparable gasoline engine. Superior wear can be attributed to much heavier construction of the diesel engine components. The edge in reliability is a result of the simpler combustion process (fewer moving parts to deteriorate or require maintenance). Wear and reliability are the primary reasons we prefer diesel for any standby generator application that will see serious use (more than occasional or short periods of backup).

We Carry Portable, Standby, PTO Generators, And More

The cause of Rudolf Diesel's DEATH remains in DOUBT to this day.
T-Rex Generators Online Megastore For The Best Deals In Backup Power Equipment

Homicide or suicide? One theory is that business and military interests of the day who wished Rudolf dead had orchestrated his homicide. The best evidence for the homicide theory might be the condition of Diesel's stateroom aboard the vessel - where his nightshirt had been carefully arranged at the foot of his undisturbed bed, and his watch placed on the nightstand nearby, facing the pillows as someone preparing to go to sleep might well have positioned it. More popular than the notion of homicide is simple suicide - Rudolf Diesel choosing to end his own life. The evidence in support of this second hypothesis, while scarcely overwhelming, is still suggestive. Diesel's hat and overcoat had been left neatly together near the railing of the ship. After his death, it was discovered that the once wealthy Rudolf, thanks to a series of bad investment decisions, was virtually broke. What little he had remaining was given to his wife of thirty years before his departure - in a package that he instructed her not to open for a week. Before that week was up, Rudolf Diesel would have vanished at sea. Ten days following Rudolf's disappearance, a body, too decomposed for identification, was pulled from the North Sea. Items removed from this corpse would later be identified as his father's by Eugen Diesel, Rudolf's son. Seems like a sad way to end what was a brilliant career.

1969 Mark III

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Winpower GR150G4-D-150kW-Three Phase-NG

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