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Winco Generators

Since its founding in 1927, Winco has been a well known and well respected manufacturer of generators. Winco produces one the broadest and best quality lines of generators in the world. The company's long standing committment to quality, dependability, innovation, service, and support is unmatched in the American generator manufacturing industry. Winco generators truly epitomize an American manufacturing success story.

Tri-Fuel Portable

winco tri-fuel portable generators
Home Portable

winco home portable generators
Industrial Portable

winco industrial portable generators
PTO Tractor
Single Phase

winco PTO tractor single phase generators
To 50 kW-540 RPM
To 50 kW-1000 RPM
Over 50 kW
PTO Tractor

winco PTO tractor three phase generators
Click for 120/240V
Click for 120/208V
Click for 277/480V
Single Phase

winco single phase standby generators
Up to 15 kW
20 to 40 kW
Over 50 kW

winco three phase standby generators
Click for 120/240V
Click for 120/208V
Click for 277/480V

winco mobile diesel generators
Rescue Generators
Vehicle Mounted

Emergency Vehicle Mounted Rescue Generators
Single Phase
Three Phase

winco two bearing generators
Winco Portable

winco portable generator accessories
Winco PTO

winco pto generator accessories

Tri-Fuel Portable - Best for Home Emergency Backup Power

Winco's tri-fuel generator sets are second to none when it comes to portable home emergency power. From a quality standpoint, these are the best available.
  • Tri-Fuel ready. Can run on propane, natural gas, or gasoline.
  • Fuel choice improves flexability during an emergency
  • Durable Honda or Briggs & Stratton engines.

Home Portable - Best for Home and Outdoor Events

Winco's home portable units are well built but also reasonably priced. For a small investment, these units provide the piece of mind that if you are unfortunate to be hit with a long power outage, you have the capability to get through the difficult time in reasonable comfort thanks to one of these Winco units.
  • Reliable engines. Units equipped with both Honda and Briggs engines.
  • All these generator sets run on standard pump gasoline.
  • Top quality componenets and workmanship

Industrial Portable - Best for Industrial Jobsites

Many portable generators are "Industrial" in name only. Don't risk your equipment and productivity with a portable generator that can't keep up with your pace. Winco's Industrial portable generators use superior components to ensure reliable performance. The Winco portable industrial generators achieve fantastic results while competing units most often fail to meet the same performance levels.
  • GFCI protection to OSHA standard.
  • Square D circuit breakers
  • Corrosion free fuel tanks
  • Large fuel tanks allow long run times

PTO - Best for Farms and Tractor Owners

If you own a tractor or other engine driven power equipment with a PTO, a Winco PTO generator is an efficient solution to your power needs. A PTO generator can provide power for a whole range of needs around a farm or ranch. It really is a must have piece of equipment. These generators are available in both single phase and three phase configurations.
  • Ultra reliable and durable
  • No extra engine to maintain
  • Cost effective because you are purchasing a generator only, not an engine.
  • Produce substantial power (up to 165 kW) for little cost
  • Very portable with a three point hitch kit or trailer kit

Single Phase StandBy - Best for both Home and Business

Winco produces the best quality American made generators available. These single phase standby units are simply better than all others. The units up to 15kW are air cooled and most often installed as permanent standby solutions for homes. The units 21kW and above are liquid cooled. All of these Winco single phase standby generators can be fuled with Natural Gas or Propane.

Three Phase StandBy - Best for Commercial/Business/Industrial

Simply stated, Winco produces the highest quality and most durable standby generators available. There is not a better product or a better generator company. Winco has manufactured generators here in the United States since 1927. These generators are available to run on both Natural Gas and Propane.

Mobile Diesel - Best for Construction and Industry (Oil Fields)

If you need big reliable power in a mobile unit, the Winco mobile diesel generators are the perfect choice. Big time reliability along with easy portability make these a perfect choice for large construction projects or oil and gas fields.

Rescue Generators - Best for Mounting on Vehicles

These generators are perfect for mounting on emergency vehicles like fire trucks and other utility vehicles. These models easily mount under the chassis or other convenient location. They are designed specifically with vehicles and mobility in mind.

Two-Bearing - Best for Equipment and Utility

The two-bearing generators from Winco are among the most rugged generators on the market. Epoxy baked rotors, oversize diodes, cast iron drive-side brackets and double sealed permanent bearings all combine to ensure maximum generator performance and life. They are designed to rotate either direction without changing the wiring. Each generator is rated at unity power factor, requiring approximately two horsepower of input for each 1000 watts of output from the generator. Each unit is 100% factory tested.
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Winpower DE45I4-45 kW-Diesel-Iveco Engine

Winpower DE45I4-45 kW-Diesel-Iveco Engine

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T-Rex Generators distributes products from many different standby and portable generator manufacturers at substantially discounted prices. These represented companies include: Asco automatic transfer switches, Briggs & Stratton generators, Winco generators, Generac Generators, GenTran transfer switches, Reliance Controls Transfer Switches, and Zenith automatic transfer switches. T-Rex also carries Honda powered generators which have the same time-tested Honda engines as the substantially more expensive Honda generator brand units.