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Winco Generators PTO Units

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Winco Accessories

Winco Generators

Winco PORTABLES are REMINISCENT of their MILITARY-use ancestors.

This Is A Brand New (Just Out Of The Crate) Tri-Fuel HPS12000HE With Two-Cylinder Honda GX Power - Unit Is Rated At 10800 Running Watts
The Winco generators line has industrial and military roots, and it shows in every single product that leaves the factory. Portable models are no exception. Winco's industrial and work-site generators can be obtained with Honda, Briggs & Stratton, or Yanmar power and cover a range of outputs from 2500 watts to 15000 watts and above. The company also offers a line of mid-sized home generators (wattage outputs of 4500 to 5500) that, for solidity and toughness, will outlast the dedicated "industrial" lines of most competing manufacturers. And, for good measure, if it's a multi-fuel powered machine you seek, Winco is perhaps the last major (and reputable) manufacturer to still offer a tri-fuel generator (operates on your choice of gasoline, liquid-propane gas, or natural gas). Available in 5500, 8000, and 10800-running watt sizes, these HPS-series tri-fuel machines are arguably the best portable emergency generators on the market because of their built-in versatility. It means not being restricted by the availability of gasoline (or any other fuel) should an emergency or disaster occur. The increasing difficulties of meeting emissions guidelines have compelled rival manufacturers to desert the tri-fuel market. Winco not only retains a significant footprint in this market, the company has done so while keeping its prices remarkably consistent - and affordable!

As You Can See, An Air-Cooled Winco Home Standby System Can Be As Low Key In A Yard As Any Residential Standby Generator You'll Find

In the ARENA of PTO or TRACTOR generators, WINCO wrote the BOOK.

Wincogen Is Equipped To Help You With All Of Your Backup Electricity Needs - From Portable To Towable To Home And Commercial Propane, Natural-Gas, And Diesel Standby Systems!
For the tractor owner - particularly for the owner of a diesel-powered tractor - the PTO (also called tractor-driven, farm, power-take off) generator is the most affordable means of creating significant amounts of backup electricity available. Why do we say that? Maybe because a relatively small PTO (25 kW) will provide far more backup than any portable generator on the market, and will also out-perform small residential (air-cooled) standby units - at the most efficient cost per watt (or kilowatt) produced of any backup power product. As an example, consider Winco's largest single-phase PTO generator - with a continuous-power rating of 150 kW. Retailing for just under $11,000.00, nobody would argue that the purchase of this generator is not a significant investment. However, it is roughly 1/3 the investment you would need to make in a new 150 kW diesel standby (and it would be at least 1/3 the investment of a 150 kW natural-gas or propane-burning unit!). And, because these machines are limited in their overall dimensions, storage in downtime can be surprisingly friendly (just try that with a 150 kW standby).

This 3500-Watt Gasoline-Powered Winco Portable Has Enjoyed (Or Endured) Plenty Of Use

STANDBY models with PROPANE and NATURAL GAS power are great for COMMERCIAL or RESIDENTIAL applications.

Winco's air-cooled standby units utilize Briggs & Stratton Vanguard and Honda GX-series twin-cylinder pressure-lubricated motors for durability and long life. Starting at 8 kW (the Briggs Vanguard-motor equipped PSS8B), these residential-first machines go as high as 18 kW. All Winco liquid-cooled standby generators are powered by General Motors (ranging in size from 21 to 90 kW), and they also feature 1800-rpm operation. Why is this significant? The answer is two-fold. First - noise matters a lot in most standby applications, and a machine that runs at 1800 rpm (instead of the standard 3600 rpm of, say, a portable generator) will produce lower decibel levels (figure on a decibels reduction of from 3 to 5 - sounds minor, but these small changes can be significant to the ear). Second - the increased engine life resulting from lower-rpm operation matters infinitely more in gaseous-powered generators than in diesels. For most folks, be it a commercial or residential application, the size of the investment made in backup electricity makes nurturing it (elongating generator life) in every way possible a valuable consideration.

Here's An Even Older 3000-Watt Winco Gasoline Portable - When You're In The Generator Business, You Become Accustomed To Seeing Well-Used Winco Products That Still Run Like New

Wincogen's WINPOWER diesel STANDBY and TOWABLE units are INDUSTRIAL tough.

Seen Is A Classic Portable Unit With A Very Crude (By Today's Standards) Mobility Kit
Winco offers a handful of diesel-equipped units - a 5500-watt portable and three towable models. This is not true of sister company, Winpower, which specializes in diesel-powered towable (starting at 90 kW) and standby (6 to 350 kW) machines. Earlier we pointed out that PTO generators are a particularly affordable method of creating backup electricity for the diesel-tractor owner. The diesel engine's efficiency makes this true. It is the reason that, for any prime-power application, for any backup or standby application in which generator use is expected to be frequent or for lengthy stretches, diesel power is by far the best choice. When it comes to operating rpm, 1800 is a good alternative for any diesel generator - primarily because of decibel levels emitted during operation (a difference in the operating rpm of a gaseous-motivated engine - 1800 versus 3600 - can have a profound impact on service life of the machine; because of its thicker more-durable internal engine components and significantly lower operating temperatures, service life will be influenced less by operational speed in a diesel). And all but Winpower's smallest diesel generators operate at the suburban and urban-application friendly 1800 rpm. You will also find these units equipped with brushless Cummins-built Stamford or Meccalte alternators (keeps voltage fluctuations to +/-1.5%) and digital Deep Sea and Basler controls.

No Industrial Fleet Is Complete Unless It Includes At Least One Winco Product

What about the REST of WINCO'S generator LINEUP?

The towable RP-series models feature four-option switchable voltage (single-phase, three-phase 208, three-phase 240, three-phase 480 volts). These units are so well-outfitted that accessories are virtually nonexistent (and just as unnecessary). Winco also offers a nice line of emergency and two-bearing generators - most designed for use with a host engine. TB-series two-bearing units are belt-driven (ranging in size from 2000 to 7200 watts) - and should effectively replace the OEM parts or accessories on the products (pressure washers, scissor lifts, and more) of most major manufacturers. Also available through Wincogen is a line of irrigation and industrial two-bearing generators from Stamford that employs electronic voltage regulation to limit fluctuations to a super-low +/-1% (equates to less than 5% total harmonic distortion). With steady power so essential to both your family and commercial enterprise, in periods of emergency and non-emergency operation, it makes sense to seek the best whenever you invest in backup electricity production - trust us, there isn't a better name in backup power than Wincogen. Not the biggest, but certainly among the very best - no matter what your needs.

Winco's Line Of Single And Three-Phase Emergency And Rescue Generators Was Created With Vehicles Just Like This One In Mind

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Winco PSS30LS-3-30kW-Single Phase-120/240 Volts

Winco PSS30LS-3-30kW-Single Phase-120/240 Volts

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T-Rex Generators distributes products from many different standby and portable generator manufacturers at substantially discounted prices. These represented companies include: Asco automatic transfer switches, Briggs & Stratton generators, Winco generators, Generac Generators, GenTran transfer switches, Reliance Controls Transfer Switches, and Zenith automatic transfer switches. T-Rex also carries Honda powered generators which have the same time-tested Honda engines as the substantially more expensive Honda generator brand units.